When all of the dancers in your class have danced, you will go back onto the stage for the adjudication. At the side of stage, you will be given your number to hold and will file onto the stage in a neat line. 

 The adjudicator will then come up onto the stage and award the places and say a little about the class. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place dancers will be given a medal so if your number is called, run forward to the adjudicator to collect your medal. Please remember to curtsey/bow to thank the adjudicator. Every dancer will receive a certificate and report, to be collected later on. When its time to leave the stage, please do so nicely and quietly. The audience can hear any loud voices in the wings!! You can then go back to the changing room to get ready for your next dance or collect your things if you have finished for the day.   

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