2011 Gibraltar bursary winners: Ellie Vince won the Sussex Festival Gibraltar award and Janice Felices from Gibraltar won the award to perform in Sussex Festival and won the Junior Trophy Class.

Janice Felices from Gibraltar won the Gibraltar Bursary Award at the Gibraltar Stage Festival and performed at Sussex Festival where she won the Junior Trophy Dance Class in 2011.

Ellie Vince, 2011 winner, competing in the Bursary Award Class at Gibraltar Stage Festival in 2012.

Chrissie Bhima the 2012 Gibraltar Winner: Chrissie represented Sussex Festival at the Gibraltar Stage Fesitval in 2013 - Chrissie was chosen by our adjudicator Miss Jennifer Haley.

Seamus Byrne, organiser of the Gibraltar Stage Festival and Adjudicator Jacqui Ison and winners of the Bursary Class in 2012

Ellie Vince with Spanish Flamenco dancers from Gibraltar Stage Festival 2012

Sarah Anne Maclaren representing Gibraltar who won the Sussex Festival award at the Gibraltar Stage Festival in 2015

Oliver Charman, 2014 winner, in the Bursary Award Class at Gibraltar Stage Festival in 2015.

Talia Wenstone,

2013 winner, competing in Ballet, Tap and Song & Dance classes at the Gibraltar Stage

Dance festival in 2014.

Caitlin Rodriguez representing Gibraltar winner of the Sussex Festival Award 2015 taking part in the Junior Trophy Class

Bethany Clarke from Jean Butterworth School of Dancing 2015 winner of the Gibraltar award - Bethany competed in the Gibraltar Stage Festival in February 2016.

Ellie Mizen from Shining Stars Dance Academy,

winner of 2016 Gibraltar Award - Ellie competed in Tap, Ballet and Showdance classes in March 2017.

Tara Holland from Timestep Academy, winner of 2017 Gibraltar award. Tara competed in Tap, Song & Dance and Classical Ballet.

Ellie Vince, Becky

Kirkham and Jacqueline


Debbie Johnson, Jacqueline Storey, Seamus Byrne, Jo Arnett-Morrice, Elaine Holliday and Becky Kirkham at the Gibraltar Stage Festival 2012.                 

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