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2016 Jessie Popkiewicz-Smith

Dancers and singers taking part in the Festival, and living within the Brighton and Hove postcode area can apply for a Bursary Award. The money can be used for lessons, costumes, audition expenses etc. Please email me at if you would like to be considered for this award - you will need to give information about your dance or singing training, what you are doing in the Festival and if you are in need of financial help to continue with your dance or singing training. The Trustees of the Festival and the Pebble Trust will select the recipient of this award.

Previous winners of the Pebble Trust Award:


Talia Wenstone - A2Arts Performing Arts Academy

Lisa Bird - Glendale Theatre Arts

Leah Salvage - A2Arts Performing Arts Academy

Jessie Popkiewicz-Smith - Glendale Theatre Arts 

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